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Screen Printing at it's BEST! NT Kustom offers the best print quality at the most affordable pricing in the industry. With the quickest turn-around times guaranteed, NT Kustom is the perfect solution for all of your merchandising needs. With our top of the line professional equipment, we are able to meet and beat industry standards while producing your professional merchandise at the speed and quality that your project deserves. Need help with your design? Can't draw? No worries! NT Kustom offers custom graphic design services for your project. We have a highly skilled staff of artists encompassing a wide range of expertise in every aspect of design. Just shoot us an email to discuss your idea/project. In a band? On tour? Multiple Venue Event? Our current client base is 95% out-of-state. Really? Yes, really! We pride ourselves on building and sustaining repeat customers that are spread across the nation! We have custom built our operation to be able to service anyone, anywhere at anytime. When planning events or tours (etc) there is only so much that is set in stone. When you need to be flexible,we are there for you.   Since 2007, I have embraced every aspect of the garment embellishment industry and continue to learn each day. I started printing out of my garage, daring the Phoenix heat to try to keep me from reaching my client's needs.In short time, we had expanded out of the garage into a brick and mortar storefront. With this expansion, came new techniques and a further outreach to our clients. In turn, the need for more expansion or a different take on things was needed. I soon partnered with a local printing facility who was able to handle the larger custom runs in-house with speed, efficiency and immaculate precision.I am honored to have the history of growing alongside some of my clients and look forward to what the future will bring.